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When you change your beliefs, your life changes too. But how do you truly change your beliefs… Forever? The most effective way of removing limiting stories is through tapping — also known as Emotional Freedom Technique — a simple healing technique which combines acupressure and positive psychology, and completely changed my life.

We all want to become our own superhero, power up, and leave behind all the self-doubt that is holding us back. But it can be hard to know how to do that. I struggled with this for years. I had no idea where to begin. Every time I became aware of something that was limiting me, I felt crippled by my inability to change it.

But I was astounded when, after just one session of tapping back in 2006, I was able to heal from an agonizing eating disorder overnight. Since then, I have been obsessed with the ability of tapping to create serious, lasting change.

The results are nothing short of incredible. Tapping has been shown to decrease PTSD symptoms in veterans by 63% after only one session! Studies have shown that levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) can be decreased by 25 – 50% in one hour of tapping. And best of all, the results are enduring. The issue you tap on simply goes away. 

MAGNETISMO is a year-long tapping program. In each video, we will focus on the theme of the month. You will receive two tapping routines: Letting Go, which focuses on clearing up old beliefs and limitations, and Allowing, which concentrates on amplifying your strengths so you can power up and make life happen.

Here’s a little sample of what you can expect:

Letting Go: Competition and comparison with others, feeling like you’re not enough, and trying to measure up to other people’s expectations
Allowing: A strong and centered sense of self, originality, risk-taking, and unabashed re-invention

Letting Go: Old connections that you are ready to release, grudges and resentments, jealousy of others, envy, not being able to feel happiness for others
Allowing: Deeper intuition and connection to your inner self, an expanded sense of your own creativity, and freedom to express yourself

Letting Go: The fear of how you are perceived, nervousness about taking risks, and not feeling “ready”
Allowing: Courage to be a beginner, stepping into your own unique sense of leadership, and fresh new starts in every area

Letting Go: Scarcity and lack, fear that there is never enough, and a belief that you cannot have all that you desire
Allowing: The belief that you deserve abundance, luxury in all areas of your life, and unapologetic joy

Letting Go: Distraction, sadness, being overwhelmed and not sure where to begin
Allowing: Resourcefulness, ideas, a sense of adventure and a turned-on intellect

Letting Go: Being overly sensitive and competitive, isolating yourself
Allowing: Being romantic, compassionate and helpful

Letting Go: Jealousy, aggression and arrogance
Allowing: Vulnerable honesty, courage, warmth and generosity

Letting Go: Self-criticism, self-destruction, being uptight
Allowing: Being organized, working smarter, and being dedicated

Letting Go: Being dramatic, manipulative and indecisive
Allowing: Supercharged charm, kindness, and positive relationships

Letting Go: Being secretive, possessive, and obsessive!
Allowing: Personal magnetism, bravery, and passion

Letting Go: Argumentativeness, being tactless, flakiness
Allowing: Enthusiasm, being inspired, feeling really good

Letting Go: Pessimism, being materialistic, feelings of superiority
Allowing: Loyalty, honesty, fearlessness

No matter how you dress it up, the fact is that you are responsible for your own happiness. Your life is your own — and it’s time to start acting like it. Tapping empowers you to be truly autonomous, to rule your own kingdom, and power up.

Magnetismo will help you demolish the obstacles on your path. You will no longer stand in the way of your own greatness. With my guidance, you will begin to move away from drama and negativity, feel more confident and powerful, cut out your bad habits, and radically reduce stress and anxiety.

What would your life look like if you were unencumbered by fear?

Darling, it’s time to tap into your power!