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Vortex Legacy

The Vortex Legacy is the ultimate life makeover program for creative babes, where you'll learn to supercharge your confidence, amplify your healing, and create a life you're truly proud of at your own pace.

You'll be healing your past and twerking for pleasure in the same week. Being called the f*ck out and inspired to step up all at once. Being seen for the powerful being you are, so you can discard the excuses once and for all.


  • The Vortex: Life Skills -- a collection of masterclasses, deep-dives and tools organized into 12 areas of focus. 
  • The Vault -- The ultimate archive of high vibe content. Packed with exclusive material to keep you feeling good all day long!
  • An epic tapping library with 110+ sessions to help you release blocks, enhance your well-being and manifest your desires.
  • Q&As and keynotes with living legends such as Colin Bedell, Angel Phoenix, Chelsie Diane, Natalia Benson, Brad Yates and more!
  • Legacy courses: Love Rehab, Magnetismo, Radical Rituals Abundance (levels 1 + 2), Tap That, Unicorn Cleanse, AND Metaphysical Matchmaker.