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My first battle was learning how to love myself;

the next was learning how to love someone else.


I've built my career on teaching women how to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with themselves. But do you want to know where the conversation gets really juicy? It's always when you turn the subject to love and relationships. 

One of my favorite things to do is ask people about their love lives, and since I am constantly meeting magnificent women, there is no shortage of material. When you ask someone, "How's your love life?", they open up surprisingly quickly. Everyone has a story that they are dying to share!

The most fascinating part? When I talk to women, they are RARELY in a rush to get a big rock on their finger.

In fact, they almost always tell me the same thing...

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Sound familiar?

I have said every single one of these things, multiple times, to my extremely patient friends!

But can I be real with you?

All of those lines are just code for “I’M TERRIFIED.”

When I ask women about why they are single, I hear so much fear and anxiety in their responses.

Many of us have had wild -- and wildly disappointing -- experiences. We have been cheated on, lied to, betrayed. We have struggled through unreciprocated feelings. We have been abandoned and rejected. No wonder we put our guard up! It's not surprising that we are so gun-shy when it comes to love, romance, and dating.

But the most amazing thing about this life of ours is this...

Our reality dramatically shifts when we start to tell ourselves new stories; when we learn to see with new eyes, with new perspectives. And this truth applies to every single part of your life, including your love life.

When I overcame my eating disorder, the world opened up to me in a way I hadn’t seen since my childhood. But the only thing that changed was my thinking. Because of my thinking, the universe unfurled in front of me like a beautiful flower.

The exact same thing happens when we decide to think differently about love and relationships. We need to dispose of those thoughts and stories which reinforce a story of scarcity, of lack, of being alone.

Let's see how much stinkin' thinkin' you have around love and relationships.

Tell me if you identify with any of these...


STORY #1: If I am in a relationship, I do not own my life.

A lot of us believe that if we are in a relationship or in love, we have to give up the life we already have. Maybe this is a story that you have lived out a few times. (I have too!) Yes, in the wrong relationship, with a manipulative or controlling partner, they will expect — even demand — that you give up your life in order to be with them.

But in a truly healthy relationship, your freedom is an asset. Your interests, your friendships, and your uniqueness enhances the love you share, and makes it so! Much! Better!


STORY #2: Everyone I attract has the same problem.

We are terrified because we just keep attracting the same person with a new face. And isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?! πŸ˜©

Trust me, I get it — I’ve been there. And it's true: we attract our blueprint, established in childhood.

This exact problem brought me so much pain that I took a dating sabbatical, and in that time, I created a protocol to help me completely change what I was attracted to… And when I returned to dating, I started calling in a TOTALLY different caliber of people! It blew my mind! 

Let me be clear: YOUR HISTORY IS NOT YOUR DESTINY. I can't wait to share this process with you!


STORY #3: It is not safe for me to be my authentic self.

We are afraid of finally letting our guard down with someone we really like… And then being judged, rejected, or abandoned. We are scared of actually being seen for who we truly are, because what if it’s not good enough?

But the truth is that with the right person, every single piece of your true self that you bring to the table will just make them love you more. And even though this idea might scare you, you know, deep down, that it's true.


STORY #4: I can't make up my mind!

...And sometimes we just spin our wheels, caught in analysis paralysis, self-sabotaging because we're too afraid to take a risk. So we ask ourselves endless questions like: Do I still believe in love? How do I know if this is the right relationship? Is there someone better? Why does this feel like a chore? How much energy do I really want to invest in this?

Quite simply, these questions are just your mind's way of avoiding taking a risk. Your fear-based mind is keeping you busy, keeping you "safe", and preventing you from diving in to something wonderful.

Falling in love is one of the most wonderful experiences of your life. And it's an experience you deserve to have.

You are absolutely worthy of love. You are absolutely ready for love. Let me show you.

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The reason I know your story is because honey, I HAVE BEEN THERE!

God, have I ever. I know how unbelievably painful it is to walk away from yet another relationship. To put yourself out there and have it not work out. To lie awake at night, wondering what you did wrong. To consider whether joining a nunnery would really be that bad!

My love life brought me so much pain, and even though I was tempted to just shut down and never date again, I knew that was just my fear talking.

I decided to be brave. I decided to do something radical about it. As a devoted student of psychology and metaphysics, I decided that I would do what I do best: learn, change my behavior accordingly, and see what transpired.

In order to give my love life an overhaul, I took a total dating sabbatical.

I deleted my dating apps. I didn't go on any dates -- kind of like what you're doing right now! And I used that time to pour love into myself, and learn everything I could. I read books, took courses, attended seminars, enrolled in therapy. I devoted myself to unpacking all my relationship baggage so that I could have the most fabulous love life possible.

Because even though my love life had brought me pain, I knew it didn't have to be that way. I knew it was my beliefs that were creating anguish. And I knew that my beliefs could be changed.

As I explored these topics, I took obsessive notes, and compiled everything I learned along the way.

When I was done, I jumped right into the deep end.

I'm a go big or go home kinda gal. So I dedicated myself to going on 100 dates in 2020. I got up to 30 before we went into lockdown! Even during COVID-19, I'm still meeting amazing new people -- and I actually think this is the most juicy, potent time of romantic potential we've ever lived through! (When there's no physical contact, you must build an emotional connection first!)

Right out of the gate, I was attracting a totally different calibre of lover.

Dating felt good. I was excited about it! It became fun again. I started to show up for myself, to communicate my standards and boundaries, and -- one of my biggest lessons -- to obey my gut. 

And that time off from dating, in conjunction with what I'd learned, helped me see that my life is amazing as it is, and romance is just the cherry on top -- not the whole sundae.

I believe that when you learn something, it is your responsibility to share it with others... And I am so excited to share everything I've learned with you in my brand new book!


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Hologram Heart: A Radiant Guide To The Romantic Revolution is now available! 


Hologram Heart is a thorough exploration of modern love, for the woman who loves herself and isn’t looking for someone to “complete” her, but rather, someone to celebrate life with. It's not about being "saved" by love -- Hologram Heart is about falling in love with someone who adds to your beautiful life.

Part how-to, part memoir: a book for single women who want more, and anyone who wonders if marriage really is the be-all and end-all. Mixed with journal entries, text message conversations, notes from my therapist and so much more, it's your ultimate companion as you overhaul your love life, upgrade your standards, fall in love with yourself, and maybe even someone else!


Hologram Heart is not just a book! It's a full-blown reboot of your love life, so you can experience your own romantic revolution -- whatever that looks like for you.


A unique mix of psychology, metaphysics and magic, this book touches on love from every angle, so you can truly make sense of it, once and for all.

You see, from working with a therapist, I've learned what we are attracted to and why; from studying metaphysics, I've discovered that our minds and hearts need to be alignment to call in what we want; from my personal tapping practice, I've uncovered a powerful forgiveness protocol that completely changes your energetic frequency.

I know how to re-wire yourself so that those toxic old attractions no longer have you in their grasp. I know what kinds of people we should date -- and from whom we should run screaming! I've discovered how to create the perfect dating profile, and how to position yourself so you meet people you're actually compatible with. I know why, after three months, we're itching to know "where a relationship is going" -- and exactly what to do about it!

And Hologram Heart makes learning about all of this stuff FUN. I know how to turn your home into a delicious love temple, to make sure the way you dress and the colors you surround yourself are in alignment with what you want, and how to turn up your personal magnetism so that you pull in love like a tractor beam!

As Hologram Heart unfolds, we will be working together to heal the past; to bring our hearts and our minds into resonance so we can manifest exactly what we want; and raising our standards so that we will no longer accept what has brought us pain in the past.

Every month, you will receive a new installment of Hologram Heart. You will also receive the audiobook, activities to try out in your own life, and -- perhaps best of all! -- access to the Hologram Heart community, where you can swap notes, share your experiences, and level up with a group of amazing babes who also believe that love is only interesting when it makes your life BETTER.

After all, you're not in this alone! (And you never were.)

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Hologram Heart includes: 

Okay honey, you want to know exactly what we'll be diving into? We're about to go DEEP! Here is just a sample of the subjects covered...

πŸ’– RADICAL SELF-LOVEHow to finally realize your deep awesomeness πŸ’– Upgrading your standards πŸ’– And refusing to settle for anything less!

πŸ’– ATTRACTION: Figuring out your exact dating blueprint πŸ’– Why you're attracted to certain types of people πŸ’– And my game-changing protocol on how to TRULY change that for good (thank god!) 

πŸ’– DATING: Getting clear on what you really want πŸ’– How to create the ultimate dating profile πŸ’– What to look out for on dating apps πŸ’– Your essential guide to red flags! πŸ’– How to nail your first date πŸ’– What to wear πŸ’– Fun questions to ask to check compatibility πŸ’– First date tapping sessions to get you ready!

πŸ’– MANIFESTING: Turning your home into a love temple πŸ’– How to change your energetic set-point πŸ’– Cheat codes in love and life πŸ’– How making FUN your priority totally changes your love life!  

πŸ’– FORGIVENESS: How embarking on a radical forgiveness protocol of yourself, old relationships, and your family of origin -- which I will guide you through -- is the absolute key to removing all the love blocks you never even knew you had

πŸ’– DEMYSTIFYING DUDESHow to communicate so they get it πŸ’– Why they act the way they do! πŸ’– How to know if he's worth it... Or if you should move on πŸ’– And how to stop chasing FOR GOOD πŸ˜…

πŸ’– DATING SABBATICALS: What they are πŸ’– Why you should take one right now πŸ’– Your ultimate guide to what you should read, learn, and listen to during this time!

πŸ’– AND SO MUCH MORE: Breaking free of codependency πŸ’– Love in the time of COVID-19 (and all its juicy potential) πŸ’– How to actually ask for what you want and feel good about it πŸ’– Love spells πŸ’– And many juicy and wild stories from my own love life! (You're in for a treat!)


What you get:

πŸ’– 12 installments of the book 

πŸ’– The audiobook, released in tandem with the chapters

πŸ’– Activities to complete, so we are all upgrading our skills together as we read!

πŸ’– Tailored and guided tapping/EFT exercises to help you burst through limiting stories and beliefs -- these are absolutely priceless

πŸ’– Access to the Hologram Heart community, where you can share your experiences, ask questions, and meet other babes who are equally committed to upgrading their visions of love!

Holy shit... Who's excited?! 


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Gala Darling


Hello! I'm a bestselling author, speaker, and professional optimist. After battling with depression at an eating disorder at a young age, I transformed my outlook and have been teaching women to do the same ever since. My passion is helping women find their voice, live without fear, and fall in love with life.

My first book, Radical Self-Love, became an instant bestseller, went to #1 in its category, and has been translated into five languages.

I have been endorsed by Oprah, featured in the New York Times, seen on Girlboss, and written up in Vogue multiple times. 

That's all awesome, but the thing I am most proud of is when I meet women who have used my work to completely change their lives. It's the ultimate privilege to do the work I do, and to have so much fun doing it!

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Lucy Tobias

"I would say, "Where would I be without Gala?" but that would be cheapening her work. Instead of relying on her to do everything for you, she gives you the tools to explore your own power and make your own miracles happen. In only ONE year of working with her, I was empowered to: divorce my ex-husband, move, and find an incredibly lovely boyfriend who supports me in every way I could ever imagine! It truly is her mission in life to make people feel good, and I could not recommend her service, work, friendship, guidance enough. She will help you unblock whatever is in your way, and empower you to empower you."

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Nicole Perriella-Rehmke, NBCT

"Your second book, Radical Radiance, and you, have transformed my thinking and improved my entire life. It motivated me to dream bigger and envision new possibilities for my life. I’m continuing to retrain my thoughts and tap out old, limiting stories. It feels so good to be this hopeful and excited about my future. Gala, I’m so grateful for this book and all of your fabulous work in this world. Thank you a thousand times over!"

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"Just wanna say that Love Rehab has helped me tremendously! I am still friends with my ex-husband, but the Rehab helped me move on from a "relationship" status to a friendship status without driving me bonkers. The jealousy and heartache has been reduced and now my heart and mind feels so open and free. If I didn't sign up for Love Rehab, I would probably still be moping around thinking about my ex. The 3 questions really opened up my eyes to see this relationship in a different perspective. I have finally had the courage to box things up from my room. Letting go of that energy was intense. It felt like a funeral... Saying goodbye and bury a loved one, knowing that we're both at peace with each other. Thank you again Gala!"

Yep, you reached it... The end of the page!

My love, this is where you get to make a decision. The decision to DO SOMETHING NEW and overhaul a painful part of your life... Or to keep banging your head against the wall, hoping that something will change. I can tell you right now that nothing will change unless you do, and the time to do it is right now. I'd be honored to take you on that transformational journey. Come and join us, and change your life for good.

Buy it now!


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