"The more fun I have, the more money I make!" 

That, right there, is my most important belief about money. It sounds magical, right?! Who wouldn't want that? Imagine what life would look like when that's the story in the back of your mind! Let me tell you: it feels epic. Delicious. Truly, deeply good.

But I didn't always feel that way! And I'm sure you can relate to that!

I'm curious... What are your beliefs about money? Some of your greatest hits might be things like...

'The harder I work, the more I'll make. The more I suffer, the better my bank balance will look. If I do the kind of work I don't enjoy, but seems to be okay for everyone else, then I'll finally have enough.'

I feel you. That's what I used to think, all day, every day.

But you know what? Living my life that way didn't make me wealthy OR happy!

It turns out that working more hours is NOT the answer. Or suffering more. Or taking on the kind of work that everyone told me I "should" do. Instead, those things left me burned out, resentful, and worrying about how to pay my rent.

Sound familiar?!

Years ago, when I discovered Abraham-Hicks, I learned that feeling good was my job. When I made feeling good my number one priority, everything in my life flourished. It totally changed my life. And then I thought, 'Hmmm. What if I applied that principle to money?'

Instead of slogging away, I changed everything. I decided to only do things that were FUN, that lit me up. I worked less hours, and majorly enjoyed the time I put in.

The result?

I doubled my income.

And then I doubled it again.


Seriously, boo, it's not that you don't know HOW to make more money.

And it's not that you don't know what to do next, or that you're unlucky. None of that is true.

The real reason you are not hitting those goals is because of the stories you're telling yourself. Because of the beliefs that create the stage your life is sitting on.

The reason my financial reality changed is because I transformed my beliefs.

Beliefs are so powerful, and they are largely unconscious! Your beliefs about money are a direct reflection of what you saw growing up, the messages you've absorbed from society, and your reactions to painful events from the past.

What you believe influences your thoughts, which then informs your actions, which then creates your results.

You might want to move into believing that you'll make more money when you have more fun. But until you address your actual beliefs, you'll just spin your wheels. 

Let me break it down for you right now. Contrary to popular belief...

  • You don't need to be a genius to be wealthy 
  • You don't need to be perfect to feel abundant
  • And you don't need to have it "all figured out" to live the life of your dreams! Because believe me: NO ONE has it all figured out!

You just need to change your beliefs. And it's way easier than you think. Let me show you how!



I'm known as the Tapping and Manifestation Queen because I've been teaching women how to manifest money for years.

...Over 20,000 people, in fact! The results have been astounding. Over the course of two weeks, these women would manifest anywhere from $1000 to $100,000, and if that's not impressive enough for you, one of our participants made A MILLION DOLLARS! 

It turns out that tapping + manifesting is the secret recipe! When we dismantle our limiting beliefs and choose new ones which empower us, we are unstoppable. It's so cool!

In case you're new to this world, tapping is acupuncture without needles. It's quick, painless, and incredibly effective. I've been studying, using, and teaching EFT/tapping for fifteen years now. I started when I was 23 years old, living in New Zealand. I used it to heal myself from depression and an eating disorder, and was instantly hooked. I've never found a more effective way to radically shift your inner world. 

Teaching people how to use this technique is wonderful. I often tell people I have the best job on the planet, and no wonder! But what fascinated me was the fact that women kept coming back to my money class time and time again, every time they needed a financial boost. 

The fact that people kept coming back to it made me think. It became clear to me that, when it comes to money, what we really need is ongoing support.

It makes sense, right? Money is not a one-and-done kind of thing. You are always going to want more: to earn more, to save more, to invest more, to raise your levels of comfort, to make better choices with your money. There will always be more to learn, new levels to claim, new dragons to slay. And that's not being greedy -- it's just how humans are wired. As we learn more, we desire more. We want to grow and evolve. This is as true of our emotional and mental health as it is of our financial health!


That's why I created Cash Money Honey.

Cash Money Honey is a money tapping membership. Simple! 

As the Law of Attraction teaches, whatever we put our attention on expands. So doesn't it make sense to focus on your wealth, abundance, and joy?

In Cash Money Honey, you will learn precisely how to pull out those old beliefs -- like weeds in a garden -- and plant beautiful new seeds. The transformation is swift and powerful. You will learn to feel safe around money, maybe for the first time ever. You will feel good asking for more, raising your prices, and you will enjoy saving and spending your money, too! You will step into the future you have been dreaming of... Because those fears, that nervousness, that self-doubt no longer exists.


I believe we are most abundant when we are in FLOW.

In case you didn't notice (!!!), the world has changed recently.

For most of our lives, we've been force-fed the message that we have to engage with money in a serious, structured, masculine kind of way. But that's simply not true! That works for some people -- and for others, we're much more abundant when we are in FLOW. When we have fun with it! When we don't take it so seriously. When we enjoy the process of making it, holding it, and using it to create the life we've always dreamed about.

Aren't you sick of living a small life, one that the last year rendered completely irrelevant? You might feel like you're somewhere in the middle, in limbo: ready to let go of the old way of being, yet not sure how to step forward. I have been living in this new space for many years, and I'd love to show you how do it.  

We are moving into a new realm: a world ruled by pleasure, by having fun, and by feeling good. If there is any gift from the last year, it has shaken us awake to the fact that the old way was not working for us.

We have discovered that there is another way of doing things. You don't have to sit in an office all day, hating your life under fluorescent lights, if you don't want to. There are more joyful ways to make money, to provide for yourself, and better ways to LIVE.

That's something you will discover, and celebrate, within the walls of Cash Money Honey!

It all sounds pretty dreamy, right?!

But you might be thinking, "Pfftttt, Gala, whatever. You have no idea how I'm feeling or what my situation is right now. You could NEVER understand or empathize with me because you have never been where I've been."

That's true. I am not in your shoes right now. But I have been in the past!

Let me explain...

A few months ago, my best friend and I were driving around Los Angeles in my brand new car. We were drinking iced coffees with the sunroof open, Diplo blasting, cruising under a delicious pink sunset.

She turned to me and said, "I remember coming to see you when you lived in New York," she said, "And I asked you if you wanted to come out for the night. You said no because you had $1.49 in your PayPal account. And look at your life now!"

It was incredible to contemplate. Sometimes you need your best girlfriend to remind you of how far you've come!


I know what it's like to not want to look at your bank balance. 

Ugh! I've been there! And I know what it’s like to lurch from feast to famine and the rollercoaster of anxiety it unleashes. There is no worse feeling. When we are panicked about money, we cannot be creative or feel expansive. We are consumed with worry, and joy feels out of reach, if not impossible. 

But when we change our beliefs, the transformation is RADICAL and fast.

It is so important that we learn from people who have been where we have been. People who have not struggled cannot teach! But believe me when I say I have been through the ringer with money so much! It has only served to make me a better teacher. I can't wait to show you what I've discovered!

Okay Gala, what do I get?!

When you join Cash Money Honey, you will instantly receive...

  • My ABSOLUTELY unreal two week money manifesting class. It was once known as Radical Rituals: Abundance. This is the brand spanking new, updated, and improved version! In this class, you will be lead through a series of rituals, exercises, tapping sessions and activities to clean up your money mindset, bust through your blocks, and manifest cold, hard cash! This class is a bestseller for a reason -- check out the testimonials all over this page! 
  • My manifesting audiobook, Radical Radiance: How To Make Love To The Universe And Manifest Anything 

  • Your Cash Money Honey worksheets to set your goals, keep you focused, and encourage you daily!

No matter how you are feeling about your financial situation right now, the class and the audiobook will completely transform you and remove any trace of stuckness! 

But like I said, when it comes to this arena, we need ongoing support. 

So as part of your membership we will top you up with exclusive abundance tapping sessions and tools to support you on your journey, increase your abundance, shift your mind, and embolden you to live a bigger and more glorious life.

Together, we will be tapping through blocks like...

  • Letting go of the guilt of wanting more or having "too much"
  • Not being willing to invest in yourself. As long as you are your last priority, you will always suffer and feel resentful. It's beautiful to put yourself first!
  • Letting yourself know that it is truly safe to receive abundance
  • Believing in your inherent worth. When you don't feel valuable, you will chronically undercharge! Sound familiar?!
  • Releasing stories of why it won't happen for you
  • Getting stuck on "how" you're going to make more. The "how" is inconsequential, because there are a million strategies to get you there! 
  • Releasing the belief that you have to work really hard to be wealthy
  • Never feeling safe with money, overspending or wasting it. If you don't trust yourself with money, you won't attract it. It's that simple!
  • Releasing ancestral stories of struggle and scarcity
  • Fear of having too much. You might think that if you have too much, you'll get taxed, asked for favors, or fear losing it... And we manifest whatever we think about!
  • Releasing the need to work a job you hate for security
  • Feeling stuck in a cycle of feast to famine. This is one of the biggest and best things to work on. If you do, you will be able to work miracles!
  • Worrying that there will never be enough
  • Learning to enjoy making, saving, and spending cash! You deserve to live the life you've always wanted. It is possible for you!
  • ...And SO MUCH MORE! 


Look babe, let me level with you.

It would be easy to bloat this program with a bunch of things you'll never use. But I know your time is valuable, and I don't want to waste it! The thing that is really going to shift the needle for you, when it comes to your financial reality, is using tapping to reprogram your subconscious mind. So that's what Cash Money Honey is all about. I only want to give you things you're really going to use!

I'm so excited for you to experience this program. If you're part of High Vibe Honey, you already know how incredibly powerful it is to be part of a group that is devoted to growth and evolution. Cash Money Honey is like taking all of that energy and channeling it directly to your financial consciousness. 

Cash Money Honey is a community. When you enroll, you'll join a fleet of babes who, just like you, are excited and motivated to transform their relationship to money. For the first time, maybe ever, you will be held and supported by a group who wants you to win because we understand that a rising tide lifts all boats.

Sharing your success with others feels incredible. Instantly connecting with a group of women who want you to win is a phenomenal experience. If you've ever felt like you don't have anyone to discuss your desires and your EPIC dreams with, you have found your crew!

If you have been feeling STUCK, unsure, or like you just don't know the next move to make, we've got you. Think of Cash Money Honey as being inducted into a coven full of powerful babes who want to teach you exactly how to create more wealth in your life. And best of all, the way we do it is really fun!

"Wow! What an incredible course this was! I must admit I was definitely skeptical, especially about other people's stories. HOLY SHITE! I don't think I could describe how broke I've been or how much I've struggled over the years. This has COMPLETELY blown my mind & caused SO many tears - happy tears!!! I manifested just over $100,000... WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! This was through income, as well as an inheritance that my ex (yes ex!) boyfriend received, that he chose to share with me due to the tough time we had financially when we were together. I am in absolute awe of you and your work, I will be forever grateful!"

Louise Kingston

"I watched your live broadcast about abundance and did the tapping exercise to get in the right headspace to receive. Our landlords just raised our rent to a ridiculous amount. After freaking out and stressing about it, we decided to just go for it and see if we qualified for a mortgage. Within 24 hours we found a 2 Bedroom Condo, got pre approved, placed an offer, and it was accepted! This wouldn't have been possible if I continued to focus on what's NOT in my bank account. I want to say thank you! "

Lysett McConville

"I just wanted to let you know, I am enjoying and learning so much from this course! I am shocked to see how out of touch I have been with my mind set about money. I have been truly unaware of my thought processes. The insight your course has provided for me is so exciting! I would recommend this course to anyone! It's truly valuable. Also the tapping! Just blows my mind, so great! Thank you."

Julia Mahan

"Gala Darling's Radical Rituals Abundance course is INSANE. I love spiritual tools to help break through our blocks and this course is SO GOOD, already seeing my e-commerce store getting a MAJOR BOOST IN SALES IT'S LITERAL MAGIC. I honestly am in JOYFUL SHOCK!"

Diya SenGupta

Join us now!




Your all access pass, paid over 2 months





Your all access pass, paid in full


Gala Darling

I'm Gala Darling, a New Zealander living in a glowing neon dreamhouse on the beach in Southern California. (I am truly living my manifestations!)

For the last fifteen years, I have been working in the self-development space, teaching women how to truly love themselves through EFT/tapping. With tapping, you can demolish those old beliefs that have been keeping you small and stuck, and create stronger, more powerful beliefs that actually support you. Better beliefs = better thoughts = better actions = better results. It's so simple, and unbelievably effective!

Before I started this work, my life was in shambles due to depression and an eating disorder. After I healed myself using tapping, I became obsessed with the idea that what we think is a life sentence is actually just a story. I cannot stand the idea that other people are suffering needlessly when I know that healing can be so simple. It's my honor to have helped thousands of women completely transform their lives from the ground up.

I love to do things my way. I believe you can be spiritual and still be a badass! You won’t catch me renouncing all worldly possessions! Life is to be ENJOYED, and your body is a playground. You'll probably catch me wearing a bedazzled catsuit and stripper heels, getting a tattoo of something I’m about to manifest, while laughing WAY too hard. 

Professional accolades? Okay. My TEDTalk has been viewed over a quarter of a million times (and it was my first time speaking in public!). My first book, Radical Self-Love: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dreams (Hay House, 2016) became an instant bestseller at #1 in its category and has been translated into five languages. I've taught at NYU, been featured everywhere from Vogue to the New York Times, and worked with celebrity clients like the original Girlboss, Sophia Amoruso. 

That's cool and everything, but for me, nothing compares to meeting a woman who has been inspired to totally transform their life because of my work. It’s literally my favorite thing on the planet.


As seen in...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does this work?

When you enroll, you get access to the entire Cash Money Honey program . You'll gain instant access to my two week money manifesting class, the audiobook for Radical Radiance, your money manifesting worksheet, and your first bundle of content. Whenever you need a little boost, check out the included Tapping sessions and the recordings of our previous Rich Bitch Mentoring Sessions. You are welcome to take the money manifesting class over and over, as much as you want!

Q. I don't know if I can afford this!

I can't tell you how to use your money, but personally, every time I have made an investment in myself it has given me a return on investment FAR beyond my initial payment. The tools you'll have access to, the people you'll meet, and the beliefs you'll be able to clear will be infinitely more valuable than a dollar a day! You are also invited to split the payments in two, if that makes it easier for you to join us.

Q. What's your refund policy?

Because of the digital nature of this product, there are NO refunds available.

Q. Is this still for me, even if I'm not an entrepreneur?

ABSOLUTELY! This is for you no matter whether you're a stay-at-home mom, an employee, or a business owner. Everything that we teach within Cash Money Honey translates, by which I mean, it is immediately applicable to your REAL LIFE. 

Q. How much time do I need to devote to this?

I know you're busy, so Cash Money Honey has been designed to be easily integrated into your life. You will activate incredible results only investing a couple of hours a month!

Q. How long can I access the material?

Once you pay it's yours for good! Work through the material as often as you want!

Q. How is this different to Radical Rituals: Abundance?

Radical Rituals: Abundance was a two-week class. Cash Money Honey is a whole YEARS worth of content, new tools, tapping sessions, mentoring, and an entire community that has your back! If you liked RRA, you'll LOVE this!

"I finished your abundance course, did all the homework and hit my goal this morning! Set a goal of $25,000 and though it didn't all come in liquid cash because I do installment plans, the total was actually more than that. I love it, homework that actually gets results!"

Shauna Haider

"This is a tad overdue but I had to tell you about my wonderful results doing your course. My amount during the abundance course was $20,000. I had just quit my "big girl" job to go to school and I was a waitress at a greasy spoon diner. By January, I had received $34,500! This shit works, and I wanna be like you when I grow up!"

Amanda Gold

"Thank you so much for such a phenomenal course. In less than two weeks I manifested 3 x times the amount I wrote down on day one. WOW!"

Nicola Tweed

"This morning I saw the guy I bought the truck from and he asked why I wasn't driving it. I told him it was in the shop and I was in a rental. I couldn't afford to have all the things fixed and I would save up and try in July. Sister. He went to his safe and handed me a thousand fucking dollars!!! I don't even know what to say."


Who is Cash Money Honey for?

Cash Money Honey is an invitation to all queens, kings, and non-binary royalty who are excited to step into their potential. It is for you if you have an expansive, inclusive, juicy view of the world, and know that we ALL deserve joy and liberation, no matter our background. It is for those who desire to be fully alive, all-in on their dreams, who grab their desires with both hands and will not stop until they make them real. It is for you if you know that you are killing it but are aware that this is only the ground floor. You want more. You’re hungry for it. And you can’t wait to smile all the way to the finish line.


Who is it not for?

Cash Money Honey is not for you if you are married to your excuses, if you are not hungry for more, if you are more interested in blaming than bossing up. It’s not right for you if you are closed-off, judgmental, looking to be offended, and cannot be happy for another babe’s success. Cash Money Honey is not a fit if you are in a monogamous relationship with your fear and your limitations. If that is you, we are not a vibrational match for one another, and I wish you all the best. (But if this is something you want to transform, tapping is really a game-changer!)

"After just beginning your abundance practice the day before yesterday, I have moved 13 spots on a very expensive retreat without having to even sell. I haven't even opened this retreat to the public or even my newsletter and it's already flying off the shelves!"


"Some stocks my husband holds completely exploded last night really unexpectedly, and we woke up this morning almost $200,000 richer. I'm having a full-day shock reaction, and just came out of it long enough to remember that I HAD TO TELL YOU THIS!"


"I'm just finishing up Radical Rituals, I couldn't wait to share with you. My manifesting goal was $45,053 gross income. Dude, I was just $1,768 short (who knows, it could come in tomorrow!). So far I've grossed $43,285. WTF?!"


"Meant to tell you, my dad asked for my address on my birthday to send flowers. I said, "Send me a bouquet of money instead" and so he gave me a cake with rolls of cash inside hahaha."

Lucy Tobias

I want you to feel good about money!

I'm telling you babe, it is so possible. I want you to enjoy manifesting it, get hearts in your eyes as you watch the numbers add up in your bank account, feel safe and wealthy, and have a good time spending it too!

Money doesn't buy happiness, that's true. But it does buy you options. It does give you choices and freedom. And that's worth it, every day of the week.

I'd love for you to join us and experience this radical transformation for yourself. So what are you waiting for?!

Join us now!




Your all access pass, paid over 2 months





Your all access pass, paid in full


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