It's time to unapologetically love yourself.

But can you LOVE your body and IMPROVE IT at the same time?

Yes, absolutely! I know because I've been doing this dance -- of loving and improving myself at the same time -- for years. And I have to tell you, there's no better feeling.

That combination of radical self-love and constant, never-ending improvement is intoxicating.

That might be a major plot twist to hear! As the bestselling author of Radical Self-Love, you might think that my approach to my body is to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and live my best bacchanalian babe life!

You see, I tried that... And while it was fun (well, sometimes), I've sadly discovered that it doesn't make me feel good long-term. Sometimes the things that feel joyful in the moment feel like shit over time!

And call me crazy, but it's important to me that I look and feel good in my clothes. It's essential to me that I have plenty of energy and vitality. It's non-negotiable that I am strong and capable, that I push myself, and that I continue to get better! (Those old mythologies about losing beauty and power as you age? I don't accept them, and I'm the living proof!)

If you, too, want to feel great when you get dressed, have energy all day, and grow a strong mindset, there are some very simple things you need to do. 

It's not rocket science, right? We know we have to take care of ourselves. This is not new information! But sometimes, it feels almost impossible to prioritize our health.

Why is that?!

Look: it's not that you're lost, or don't know how to take care of your body. By now, we all know that sugar is damaging, that we need to sweat, that the better we eat, the better we'll feel.

So why aren't you doing it? It's not because you're dumb or stupid, I promise you that.

The real reason you don't look or feel the way you want is because of who you THINK you are. What you believe about yourself.

Because those stories you tell yourself every day are what create your ROUTINES.

And our routines either make us... Or break us.

My body changed as a result of my routines, and those routines ONLY changed because I changed my beliefs.

Beliefs are so powerful, and they are largely unconscious! Your beliefs about your body and what you look like are a direct reflection of what you saw growing up, the messages you've absorbed from society, and your reactions to painful events from the past.

If you saw your mother struggle with her weight, if you internalized messages that said you had to look "perfect" to be loved, if you have a story about being unhealthy or unattractive, you'd be crazy to think that these things are not affecting you to this day. (And those are just the tip of the iceberg!)


You might think, "If only I ate better!" and yes, that would make a difference.

But if your beliefs aren't in alignment with your vision, you'll never make progress.

Let me put this to you really straight.

The reason people don't transform their bodies is rarely because of lack of effort. It's because no matter how strong your willpower, your beliefs about your identity -- who you are -- are more powerful. They will win every single time.

So no matter how disciplined you are, if your belief is that you will always be overweight, or that you're uncoordinated, or that you don't deserve to look good... You will backslide and self-sabotage every. single. time. 


Baby, your beliefs create your thoughts, which create your actions, which creates your results.

Let me break it down for you right now. Contrary to popular belief...

  • You don't need to be genetically gifted to have the body of your dreams 
  • You can change how you look and feel right now, no matter your age, gender, race, or physical limitations
  • You don't need to be perfect to love yourself or be loved by others
  • And you don't need to punish yourself to look the way you want.

You know this, because you've already tried punishing yourself into looking better... And it didn't work. 

So maybe it's time to try something new.

Like changing your beliefs at the root. And it's way easier than you think. I know this for a fact, because I've been doing it for fifteen years!


I'm known as the Tapping and Manifestation Queen because I've been teaching women how to manifest the life of their dreams for years.

In case you're new to this world, tapping is acupuncture without needles, a somatic releasing technique that is so much more effective than talk therapy alone. I've been studying, using, and teaching EFT/tapping for fifteen years now. I started when I was 23 years old, living in New Zealand. I used it to heal myself from depression and an eating disorder, and was instantly hooked. I've never found a more effective way to radically shift your inner world.

Teaching people how to use this technique is wonderful. I often tell people I have the best job on the planet, and no wonder! I have helped thousands of women manifest, change their thoughts, and learn to love themselves.

But I'm a bit of a mad scientist.

I started to think about new ways I could use this technique.

And I asked myself... What if we could shift our physical BODIES, the same way we shifted our beliefs? Why should that be a limitation?

I started to experiment with tapping on my own beliefs about my body, what it was capable of, and what it looked like. And the results were so unbelievable that I knew I needed to share it with you.

Enter stage left: Goddess Body.

Goddess Body is the ultimate badass body program.

Goddess Body is a collection of extremely powerful tapping sessions to help you change the BELIEFS that are keeping your body in a holding pattern.

Right now, you might be feeling out of shape, or maybe you're just not fitting your jeans like you used to. (To be fair, after a year in sweatpants, anything is a shock!) I know what that feels like: it's awful. You just don't feel confident. You kind of don't want to leave your house!

Now, while you could buy clothes to "hide your flaws", I know you'll actually be happier if you do two things:

  1. Change how you feel about your body, and

  2. Start treating your body differently, so you get different results.

Sounds simple, right? It is... But just because it's simple, that doesn't make it easy. Because when the beliefs ricocheting through your head tell you it's impossible to change, or to lose weight, or to look different, you'll sabotage yourself the whole way.

That's where tapping -- and Goddess Body -- comes in.

You will learn precisely how to pull out those old beliefs -- like weeds in a garden -- and plant beautiful new seeds. The transformation will be swift and powerful. You will learn to love your reflection, maybe for the first time ever. You will feel good in just your underwear (and maybe you'll even want to buy lingerie)! You'll feel much more confident in your clothes, and it will embolden you to live the life you've always dreamed of.

You will step into that beautiful future... Because when you are no longer uncomfortable in your own skin, you are unstoppable.

The journey to FULLY loving my body has been a long one.

You might be thinking, 'Okay, that sounds good, but Gala, you have NO IDEA what it feels like to be me.'

And that's true. I am not in your body. But I wonder if you'll see some of yourself in my story...

I grew up telling myself I wasn't athletic. I was convinced I was an uncoordinated nerd. Plagued with asthma, I would almost always skip gym classes, and my cardio was from raising my heart-rate chatting with strangers on the internet!

In my early twenties, I plunged into the depths of an eating disorder. I was able to heal it with just one session of self-guided tapping, and started to enjoy food -- and life -- again. But as often happens when we heal something that has been traumatic, I swung my pendulum far in the other direction. I never exercised. I didn't consider what I was eating. I was making up for lost time, and I was loving it!

But a couple of years later, living in New York City (and above a pizza shop no less), I found myself huffing and puffing my way up the stairs to my fifth-floor walk-up. It was a wake-up call. I was only 25 years old. As much as I told myself I hated exercising, I knew I had to face my fear. Nothing was going to change unless I worked on it.

I hired a personal trainer, something I thought I'd never do. But I discovered -- to my complete surprise! -- that I absolutely loved it. I started strength training, and I've been doing it three times a week ever since. I'm now coming up on twelve years of strength training! It's incredible to have this as my new identity, considering where I came from.

But in my mid-thirties, I had new challenges with my body. I felt bloated almost all the time, and despite thousands (!!!) of dollars spent on tests and supplements, nothing made a difference.

Until I realized that I could go back to where I started... And tap on it.


When I used tapping to pour love into my body, everything changed.

This is not about making your body look like mine, or conforming to a particular beauty standard. I don't care what you look like. What I do care about is that you feel good about yourself.

Your ideal body might be juicy and curvy, or it might be lean and muscular. It doesn't matter one bit! You deserve to look the way you want to. And you can get there when you have beliefs and routines that support you in getting there. 

We struggle with our bodies so much, but it can be so easy. I want to show you how you can use your thoughts to create the life and body you've always wanted!

The Goddess Body plan

You will join us as a babe on a mission: as someone who loves herself enough to want change. 

Everyone's goals are different. You might join us because you want to lean up or get strong. You might want to feel excited about moving your body again. And for some of you, taking care of your body will be totally new (and maybe a little bit terrifying!).

Don't be afraid. Goddess Body is designed for all levels, and it is an a la carte program -- meaning you can dip in and out as much as you like. You'll pay once for lifetime access to these tapping sessions, which you can use as much as you like for as long as you please!


You will receive 12 powerful tapping sessions.

I will guide you through tapping on these all-too-common body challenges:

  • Disliking what you see in the mirror. This is the ultimate radical self-love tapping, a great one to do every week!
  • Over-eating and portion control. Do you often eat until you feel sick or bloated? Together, we will release the old programming that compels you to clear your plate every time
  • Hating working out! If you've always felt like the gym was a place of pain and punishment, this tapping is for you!
  • Sugar cravings! Does the sugar demon possess you at 4pm or just before bed? We're going to investigate what's going on behind the scenes. This tapping will stop you from heading to the fridge and empower you with healthy new routines instead!
  • Not enjoying healthy food. If you think eating healthy is a punishment, this tapping will completely reprogram you!
  • Working out consistently. If you struggle with getting into a fitness routine, we can change that... For good!
  • Holding onto extra weight. Is there just a little bit extra you can't seem to shake? Maybe the reasons are more emotional than physical. This tapping will help you feel safe and let it go
  • Bloating and discomfort. If your body seems to bloat randomly at the mildest provocation, this tapping will be a godsend. It changed my life!
  • A slowed-down metabolism. What if you could reprogram it with a new idea?
  • Cellulite. Feeling bad about cellulite on your legs or your butt? This session will either change how it looks, or change how you feel about it... Entirely
  • Feeling too lazy to take care of yourself! If you wake up and feel like you just can't be bothered, this one will sort you out with the quickness!
  • Wanting to get into the best shape of your life. This session is an amazing all-rounder, encouraging you to eat well, move often, and experience ease as you move into the best body you've ever had! 

These tapping sessions will not only invigorate you and remind you how great it is to be in your body, but they will create new neural pathways and connections which make changing your habits and routines easy. That's the real magic of tapping: it's all happening at a subconscious level. When we put our subconscious to work for us, transformation is simple.


Plus... The Goddess Body Enhancement Pack!

If you don't just want to feel good, but step it up a notch, the Enhancement Pack (included with every purchase!) will thrill the pants off of you! 

The Enhancement Pack contains tapping sessions to help you with...

  • A flat stomach
  • Bigger boobs 
  • A bigger butt 
  • A slimmer, more defined-looking waist
  • More toned arms

Do you need to use these sessions? No, not at all! But if you WANT them... You've got access. And when realize that you truly have the power to create the body you've always wanted, why not go for it?


And Goddess Body comes (no pun intended) with your very special bonus...

The Instant Orgasm Tapping (!!!) which is just as fabulous as it sounds!

I designed this tapping session for two purposes: firstly, for anyone who has never had an orgasm, and is frustrated that they can never seem to "get there." You deserve to be orgasmic all the time! This will help you quiet your mind and be in your body so that you can allow orgasms to happen easily.

And if you're already orgasmic, this tapping is designed to make it happen even faster and with more regularity.

How delicious! I can't wait to hear about your results!


So... Does this all sound too good to be true? 

I hear you. And I wouldn't blame you for being skeptical.

The way I look at it is if tapping can heal asthma (like it did for me), and if it can fix anxiety or PTSD for good, then it can just as easily change our physical bodies. We just haven't thought to try it!


Look babe, let me level with you.

You deserve to have a body that you feel good about... And it doesn't matter what size or shape you are. We all have a different idea of what beauty is, and there is no reason why you can't be your own particular brand of beautiful. 

But in order to get there, you need to align your beliefs and your behavior. If you don't believe change, or even optimal health, is possible for you, you will sabotage yourself the whole way. You need to switch out your limiting beliefs for empowering ones, because your beliefs are what drive your behavior, and in turn, get you your results. Changing your beliefs is imperative if we want to see success. I want to help you love yourself more than you ever thought possible.

Goddess Body isn't designed to be a replacement for eating good food and working out: it is a glorious supplement. Goddess Body will simply help you address the fears, limitations, and old beliefs that are keeping you stuck in a holding pattern... So that you can embrace new behaviors, love your body and finally feel free.

"I was battling severe C-PTSD and refused to believe medications were my only option, and here I stand 3 years later, tapping daily, sleeping soundly, and completely medication free for not only my C-PTSD but anxiety and depression too."


"I began tapping along with Gala and immediately felt all my troubles melt away and as if I could literally do anything."

Phoebe Avison

"I have recommended you to so many of my friends. Your tapping videos completely changed my life. I sold my first TV show and actually hired to write an action movie... Cannot thank you enough for helping me change my story."


"Thanks to my daily EFT/tapping routine I built the courage and strength to leave my toxic and abusive 13 year marriage. I thank the universe for you every day!"


Join us now!




Lifetime access, paid over two months. 





Lifetime access, paid in full. 


Gala Darling

I'm Gala Darling, a New Zealander living in a glowing neon dreamhouse on the beach in Southern California. (I am truly living my manifestations!)

For the last fifteen years, I have been working in the self-development space, teaching women how to truly love themselves through EFT/tapping. With tapping, you can demolish those old beliefs that have been keeping you small and stuck, and create stronger, more powerful beliefs that actually support you. Better beliefs = better thoughts = better actions = better results. It's so simple, and unbelievably effective!

Before I started this work, my life was in shambles due to depression and an eating disorder. After I healed myself using tapping, I became obsessed with the idea that what we think is a life sentence is actually just a story. I cannot stand the idea that other people are suffering needlessly when I know that healing can be so simple. It's my honor to have helped thousands of women completely transform their lives from the ground up.

I love to do things my way. I believe you can be spiritual and still be a badass! You won’t catch me renouncing all worldly possessions! Life is to be ENJOYED, and your body is a playground. You'll probably catch me wearing a bedazzled catsuit and stripper heels, getting a tattoo of something I’m about to manifest, while laughing WAY too hard. 

Professional accolades? Okay. My TEDTalk has been viewed over a quarter of a million times (and it was my first time speaking in public!). My first book, Radical Self-Love: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dreams (Hay House, 2016) became an instant bestseller at #1 in its category and has been translated into five languages. I've taught at NYU, been featured everywhere from Vogue to the New York Times, and worked with celebrity clients like the original Girlboss, Sophia Amoruso. 

That's cool and everything, but for me, nothing compares to meeting a woman who has been inspired to totally transform their life because of my work. It’s literally my favorite thing on the planet.


As seen in...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does this work?

When you enroll, you get lifetime access to Goddess Body. Every tapping session will be instantly available to you. You are welcome to use the sessions over and over, as much as you want!

Q. I don't know if I can afford this!

I hear you. But I believe that telling yourself damaging stories, constantly self-sabotaging, and throwing your self-esteem in the trash every day is much more expensive. 

Q. What's your refund policy?

Because this is a digital, downloadable program, there are no refunds! No exceptions. Please do not purchase the program if you think you will want your money back.

Q. I have an eating disorder: is this for me?

No, because your eating disorder is not about how you look, it is about trauma. I want you to work on healing that first. Trauma is not something I can guide a group through, because it is too intricate and intimate. Please see an EFT practitioner or therapist for help with this.

Q. Is this just for women?

No! Everyone is welcome. Goddess Body is just a cute name -- it doesn't matter to me how you identify!

Q. How long can I access the material?

Your purchase price gives you lifetime access!

Q. Does this mean I never have to go the gym again?!

No baby, basic science still applies! Goddess Body is not a substitute for eating well and moving your body. However, when you get your beliefs in alignment, doing things that improve your health will start to feel GOOD and truly easy. I'm excited for you to experience it!

Who is Goddess Body for?

Goddess Body is open to all queens, kings, and non-binary royalty who want to take their radical self-love practices to the next level. It is for you if you love your body, but want some help and guidance in changing out the beliefs that are no longer serving you. It is perfect if you are committed to working on yourself, want to improve your habits, feel inspired, discover more motivation, and enjoy the feeling of momentum as things begin to change. Goddess Body is for those who desire to be fully alive, who are all-in on their dreams, who grab their desires with both hands and will not stop until they make them real. It is for you if you know that your potential is untapped, and you're excited to work your way towards becoming the person you've always dreamed of being.

Who is it not for?

Goddess Body is not for you if you are currently struggling with an eating disorder. (Please do your own work on this first!) It is not for you if you expect that tapping will change everything and you do not need to take action in the physical realm. It’s not right for you if you are looking to blame others, cannot take responsibility for your own healing, or dwell in cynicism. Goddess Body is not a fit if you are in a monogamous relationship with your fear and your limitations. If that is you, we are not a vibrational match for one another, and I wish you all the best. (But if this is something you want to transform, tapping is really a game-changer!)

Join us now!




Lifetime access, paid over two months. 





Lifetime access, paid in full. 


I want you to fall in love with your body...

And that means you need to take action, right here, and right now.

I'm telling you babe, if I can go from the depths of an eating disorder to unconditionally loving my body, you can transform how you look and feel too.

This isn't about being a size zero. But it is about the confidence you earn when you take care of yourself, and when you come from a place of deep self-love and respect.

How you feel about your body is not a life sentence. It can change. But YOU are the only person who can change it. And I know you are more than ready!

I'd love for you to join us and experience this radical transformation for yourself. So what are you waiting for?!


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